Do you remember that time your company posted a tweet, and then two years later posted another one? What about that time you created a print advert? But, you know, just the one.

Of course you don’t, because you’re not mad. You understand that if you post one tweet, make one advert, send out one mail campaign, the chances are you’ll get no response at all. It’s the regularity of these different approaches that builds your brand, emphasises your key messages, and drives audience trust, engagement and sharing.

But what about that one video you made? Yes, you know who you are. You got all excited about the video, and you made the video, and then you either did very little – or nothing – with it. And somehow, despite everything you know about the importance of regularity in social and PR and print and marketing, a little part of you concluded that ‘video doesn’t work’.

Video does work. It’s been proven to increase leads, engagement, site dwell time, and measurable ROI. But as with all of your activity, it needs to be regular.

Our most successful partnerships are with clients who get this. They produce videos regularly, with a clear purpose, defined objectives, and the technical tools – provided by us – to measure success. And, our strategic expertise in video production means that we provide the right insight to make regular video campaigns pay off.

So, take the same strategic view of video as you do all your other areas of activity. Stay regular.