We recently ran a pitching process for a new website project for Cheltenham & Gloucester Hospitals Charity. It was a real eye-opener for the wide variation in pricing out there with no apparent relation to features or benefits being proposed.

The charity had a pretty tight specification, a reasonable budget and a timetable of a 10 weeks. BusinessMatch, through our network of over 500 UK based agencies, secured a total of 16 quality proposals within ten days. Proposals ranged from just over £6,000 to over £16,000.

Not surprisingly some proposals were more creative than others, but some also offered additional options on features not specified in the brief ( but again not necessarily the more expensive ones ). More surprising was the wide variation in associated ongoing costs on hosting and ongoing maintenance ranging from £50 per month to over £500 per month. Some were able to offer added value such as additional marketing support whilst others were simply web developers. The WordPress platform was the recommended route by most but PHP and other technical solutions were also being put forward but without any real clarity on the benefits of each.

So what does the client say? Richard Smith at the charity says “BusinessMatch has enabled us to get a much wider view of what is out there, given us some invaluable advice and has enabled us to pick a strong shortlist. We can go into the final selection process armed with the right knowledge of what’s possible and at what price.”

Lesson? Whether you use BusinessMatch or not put your web development project out to tender. Abilities, appetites, creative suggestions vary enormously – and then price can vary even more !