A good SEO agency can transform your business’s prospects. Here are some helpful questions you should ask any prospective provider.


  1. What separates you from other SEO agencies?
  2. Overall, what results can I expect for my website?
  3. On average, when do your clients start to see results?


Approach to Links

  1. How do you build links and what kind of links do you build?
  2. How many links can I expect to have built per month or over the duration of my contract?
  3. Does your agency ever deviate from Google’s best practices?
  4. Has your agency ever bought links?
  5. How much on-page, off-page, and technical work can I expect to be done and what specific practices do you do for each?
  6. Which tools do you use to achieve results and carry out SEO services?

Approach to Content

  1. Do you edit and/or optimize existing content on my site?
  2. Is any of the work or content outsourced? If so, who does it?
  3. How does your team handle content strategy and development?
  4. What specific content pieces will be done for my site?
  5. How do you plan to optimize that content?
  6. Do you have any examples of work you’ve done for a similar business?
  7. Will you be making changes to the structure, web design, or coding of our website? If so, is that handled in-house or outsourced?


The Agency

  1. Do you work with businesses that would be considered competitors to mine?
  2. How often do you run site audits?
  3. What specific metrics do you track and report on?
  4. How do you handle reporting and tracking of my account?
  5. How often can I expect to receive reports and updates, and how will you communicate them to me? This should include information on conversions, rankings, traffic, campaign and outreach updates, etc. Most agencies provide clients with access to reporting software so they can view a dashboard with trackable metrics.
  6. How many people will have access to our website?
  7. How many active client accounts/staff do you have?
  8. What steps do you take to ensure the security of our website?
  9. Who would be my point of contact, and how can I contact them if I have questions or concerns?
  10. What will you need from my end?
  11. How much time per month is needed from our end?
  12. Can you itemize the pricing package by specific services and hours spent working on each?

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