BusinessMatch offers Businesses an

unrivalled choice of Service Providers

What is BusinessMatch?

BusinessMatch is a marketplace for marketing services.

The platform enables you to tap into over 600 of the best marketing agencies in the UK. Tell us what you need and we will match you with agencies with the relevant expertise.

Agencies will then submit their proposals to you ( collated on your dashboard on BusinessMatch ) enabling you to compare submissions, view agency profiles and pick your shortlist and/or final choice of agency. Doing it this way ensures you:

Get competitive quotes done quickly

Find the agency that has the expertise relevant to your needs

Discover innovative ideas that only the best agencies in a competitive environment will offer.

Identify emerging technologies that can accelerate your overall business performance.

And our standard service is FREE – with packages available for bespoke or confidential searches.

How Does BusinessMatch Work?

Our platform saves you time and money. It is designed to enable organisations to buy marketing services more efficiently and more effectively.

With our experience of dealing daily in marketing transactions we can advise you in establishing what your options are and what is currently available in the market place and for how much.

We match the requirements of the business with the expertise of the providers in our network.

The buyer is thus able to optimise their purchase decision.

We do this by:

  1. Providing helpful advice as you finalise your requirement
  2. Give you access to Category Experts who can also advise
  3. Match your requirements with relevant providers. Matching is done using a number of elements including area of expertise, geographic preference, budget size, provider ratings, special offer available
  4. You then select either a shortlist if you want to compare in more detail a small number of providers or select your chosen provider. This is all done via your own personalised corporate dashboard enabling you to have all proposals in the one place, making it easier to compare and also it can manage all communication to and from interested parties – avoiding the unnecessary clogging up of your own email!
  5. You get the service you require and the confidence that you have gotten a good deal!

What type of service providers can you find on BusinessMatch?

App Development

Branding & Design

Content & PR

Digital Marketing


Email Marketing


Full Service Provider

Software Development

Strategy & Consultancy


Web Development

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