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  Questions About the Video Agency: How long have they been in business? How many explainer videos have they produced? What is your team structure for this project or who else will be involved? What is their company culture like and does it mesh with yours? How do they decide whether a video they’ve completed… Read more »

A good SEO agency can transform your business’s prospects. Here are some helpful questions you should ask any prospective provider.   What separates you from other SEO agencies? Overall, what results can I expect for my website? On average, when do your clients start to see results?   Approach to Links How do you build… Read more »

Introduction Overview of your business The products you sell or services you provide Markets you seek to serve The size of the company – e.g. the number of employees, locations, a rough turnover figure Describe the company using five or ten words (e.g. growing, vibrant, innovative etc.) Critique of Current Website Good points / Bad… Read more »

  In January this year Cheltenham & Gloucester Hospitals Charity ask BusienssMatch to help them find the right agency to build to a new website. They had a budget of £12k, a target launch date of June and a fairly clear idea of the functionality, look and feel they were seeking. The Process Firstly the… Read more »

  CONTENT & APPEARANCE Effective Communication of your Brand and USP Relevant & Topical Content for your target audience Complete Contact Information Effective use of Video ( e.g. How to Guides / Tutorials / Profiles ) FAQs Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions Testimonials & Reviews Business Hours Support marketing materials Regular and engaging Blogs… Read more »

We recently ran a pitching process for a new website project for Cheltenham & Gloucester Hospitals Charity. It was a real eye-opener for the wide variation in pricing out there with no apparent relation to features or benefits being proposed. The charity had a pretty tight specification, a reasonable budget and a timetable of a… Read more »

  The winners of the 2016 edition of the Website of the Year award – Britain’s most important people’s choice award for websites – are revealed on 228 websites were nominated in 19 categories, scoring is based on content, navigation, design and recommendation intention. If you are looking for a new website or to… Read more »

  Webdesign Inspiration helps entrepreneurs to be inspired, their team of experts hand-pick the best new web designs from all over the world. Check out their site to gain some inspiration, here: Webdesign Inspiration Once inspired, did you know BusinessMatch can reduce marketing costs by about 35% when you use our free competitive tendering platform? We have a… Read more »

This is a great example of how a charity uses its website homepage to drive donations Why does it work?   The clear Donate today message is powerful and instantly grabs your attention Video stories from the team demonstrate the heartfelt stories of helping people in their time of need The site allows visitors to get… Read more »

Connecting with your audience is not an easy task, here is an excellent example of how a website homepage can powerfully articulate audience engagement Why does it work?   The homepage design layout is impactful, featuring different projects to “connect” people to get involved The donate and adopt page stands out encouraging visitors to visit… Read more »