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Mark Burgess - Managing Director

Mark co-founded Big Button in 2003 to focus on delivering creativity, clear communication, and great customer experience in the corporate sector. Mark has over 20 years experience in film, broadcast and corporate television.





What is a ‘branded content agency’?

With an estimated 3,000+ video production companies in the UK, there’s clearly a lot of choice when it comes to commissioning a video. These companies come in many shapes and sizes and with slightly different offerings, but mostly with the same ‘USPs’ – creativity, value and reliability being the favourites, and of course the old… Read more »

View-count vanity; the importance of analytics for video

A couple of years ago I met the Marketing Manager of a petro-chemical company. He was very excited about a viral ‘success’ the company had achieved with one of their videos – almost 2 million views. But he was less ebullient when I asked him how that had translated into sales; in a nutshell, he… Read more »

Video – fibre for your business. Are you staying regular?

Do you remember that time your company posted a tweet, and then two years later posted another one? What about that time you created a print advert? But, you know, just the one. Of course you don’t, because you’re not mad. You understand that if you post one tweet, make one advert, send out one… Read more »

How do I make my digital content relevant and interesting?

Let’s face it, sometimes you have to communicate messages that aren’t particularly exciting. How do you make sure the audience will want to watch that content? Based on my experience it’s all about having a full understanding of your audience that goes beyond what they think of your product or service. Amongst other things, you… Read more »

How well does my agency know my business?

Some clients are worried about changing their digital agency or video producer because they feel their current supplier knows them so well. I recently attended a really enjoyable judging session for the EVCOM Awards in London. There was a great mix of client-side and agency people there, and it created a great level of conversation…. Read more »