We have put together a simple list of elements that are present in the most effective charity websites. It enables you to quickly assess how you could improve the effectiveness of your charity by addressing the gaps. Very often addressing these gaps can have an immediate benefit in either increasing your revenue generating capability or reducing your administrative costs or both.



Does your charity’s website………


  1. Reflect your mission?

  2. Is it an effective source of new members?

  3. Is it an effective source of new corporate sponsors? Does it provide them with the engagement they seek ?

  4. Does it generate donations sufficiently? – effective ecommerce functionality

  5. Is it Search Engine Optimised – i.e. can people find it?

  6. Does it enable integrated social media and content marketing capability?

  7. Do you have an effective email marketing & comms capability?

  8. Does it link with other internal systems? (e.g. members database?)

  9. Do you have effective analytics and reports? ( eg do you know conversion levels for web visitors?)

  10. Is it easy to use by your intended visitor?

    1. Design & content relevance

    2. Responsiveness

    3. Search friendly

    4. Right technology platform

  1. Does it drive engagement?

  2. Registration for an event?

  3. Does it provide support marketing advice / materials?

  4. Recommend a friend?

  5. Can you share relevant content?

  6. Does it support your target community?

  7. Does it have a Help Desk function?

  8. Can it be used as a Resource Source?

  9. Does it enable Self Service?

  10. Does it provide Video Tutorials?

If the answer is no to any of these questions then simply place your requirements here .


BusinessMatch will then match your needs with our charity web development specialists who will provide you with a number of competitive quotes within a few days. You can then quickly and easily assess your options and select your ideal partner.


BusinessMatch is a network of UK web and marketing agencies. We have over 550 agencies registered with us with specialists in many sectors and companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Our service is free to organisations seeking an agency service for projects over £5,000 in value. For projects less than this we charge an administrative fee of £100 + VAT.