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Regardless of the sector, be it banking, insurance, retail or utilities, the whole world seems to be adopting a digital or mobile-first strategy at breakneck speed and the logistics industry is no different. The reason for this digital transformation is simple; organisations are positioning themselves for the future, and with the smartphone arguably weighing in… Read more »

Healthcare technology is now a major disruptor in an industry where population is stretching the resources on the NHS. With 1.5 billion global unit sales of smartphones this year. Ten years from now everyone from teens to the elderly will be carrying a smartphone, and these mobile devices will be far smarter than they are… Read more »

In 1990 Donald Trump hailed it as the eighth wonder of the world. But in October, the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey, will finally close. Several factors have played a part in the demise of this iconic casino, neighbouring competition, change in state laws and change in consumer behaviour are all factors…. Read more »

“Does my business really need an app?” is a question asked by many businesses, especially if you already have a responsive mobile website.  So what really is the point? In an age where everyone has their smart phone glued to their hands, apps have become a branding tool used by those who don’t want to… Read more »