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Assessing trainee doctors is a key element of professional development for any doctor in the UK and vital in maintaining quality standards. However, the skill of providing feedback that is useful, focused and impactful, when solutions and approaches are never a one size fits all, is challenging. The RCP needed to create a flexible, engaging programme that covered a range of assessment tools, including the newly-introduced supervised learning events (SLEs). As well as giving learners insight into this new framework, the approach needed to be contextual and add value through providing real examples of good practice.
Assessing trainees in the workplace is a flexible and practical package which offers three hours of CPD-approved online training. Using video based scenarios, the modules explore the methods used for assessing trainees and gives insight as to what makes for good practice in assessing and providing feedback to trainees in the workplace.

The scenarios enable learners to practice giving feedback, as well as capture their reflections and compare their approach against various models. This gives the content an authenticity and credibility which truly reflects the learner’s demanding working environment. In complex environments, where learners are often faced with work challenges where there is no one right answer, a solid partnership approach to instructional design is vital. Because the WilowDNA team look beyond conventional approaches to e-learning and draw on whatever mediums and delivery mechanisms suit the need, it enabled the team to tackle this challenging but important subject. Using Pathway LMS, the programme is delivered in an intuitive environment that enables learners to easily track their progress over time, providing short focused insights which weave into working life.
The programme is about to go live, so we’ll be checking in with the RCP regularly on uptake and feedback. However, an incredibly positive sign has been the number of enquiries pre-launch for the programme. Building on the success of the Preparing for Revalidation programme, the feedback on non-clinical CPD delivered online has been overwhelmingly positive. This audience have exacting standards so the RCP have been delighted with the response and it’s providing a platform for future development.