“Does my business really need an app?” is a question asked by many businesses, especially if you already have a responsive mobile website.  So what really is the point? In an age where everyone has their smart phone glued to their hands, apps have become a branding tool used by those who don’t want to fall behind the competition.

Those who don’t think they need a mobile app because their site is mobile friendly are missing the huge potential apps have over websites. Biometrics, geo-location, cameras, sensors, augmented reality, 3D gaming are potential game-changers that already exist in mobile apps — features you won’t find on a traditional website.

App vs Website:

Function offlineYesNo
Fast loading speedYesYes but not in areas of bad reception
Push notificationsYesNo
VisibilityAlways visible on phone home screenNow always visible

Source: PunchMobility

It is easy to see the power mobile marketing apps can offer; visibility, the option of a direct marketing channel, brand recognition and building a closer relationship with consumers are just some of them. But the there is also a more obvious benefit to business owners – return on investment.

PunchMobility, a mobile marketing agency, help businesses who would normally spend a lot of money on more ‘traditional marketing’ to enhance their online presence for mobile compatibility. Imagine if, as more and more customers downloaded your app, you could reach out to them with instant push notifications.

Admittedly it’s not an easy task, app design. It takes a significant amount of time, money and energy to build an app that people want to download and use. Even after you build the app it will need to be marketed and supported by your company.

But in the current economic environment, apps have become an essential part of how companies stay competitive; it’s a strategic decision, not a tactical one – do you invest in a platform that can support the business infrastructure of tomorrow’s generation in the same way your website has supported your business for the last generation?

Yes, mobile marketing is a must. app2

Source: allcapcorp

And it is  not just for the big brands out there. If you’re a small business you may feel like apps are a little out of your depth. But a mobile app can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. As Forbes says, an app is like a blank canvas – you can do what you want with it! As long as you create something with features customers will love, the design can be completely your own. It’s also great for recognition, the more you can get customers to interact with the app the more likely they are to buy your product and/or services.

If you’re a little bit daunted about the app world, never fear. There are lots of companies ready to help you out but there is always the road of independence too. allBusiness have provided a 12 step guide to building your very own mobile app – steps 1-3 are deciding what you want your app to do and look like whilst the rest are more technical. But don’t worry; they help you out with that too!

And remember use to get a great choice of providers at competitive prices.