In 1990 Donald Trump hailed it as the eighth wonder of the world. But in October, the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey, will finally close. Several factors have played a part in the demise of this iconic casino, neighbouring competition, change in state laws and change in consumer behaviour are all factors.

With mobile gambling industry now said to be worth $90bn this year (2016), the momentum towards technology is increasingly growing. The gambling world in the last few years has been heavily investing in new technologies to appeal to a younger generation. These exploit the sensory cues which lure people into apps by increasing the visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

New generation of gamblers are typically younger and technology savvy. This represent the future growth of electronic, online and mobile gambling and the traditional distinctions between gambling and gaming are becoming increasingly blurred. Since more and more people are accessing news and information on their mobile communications devices it only makes sense this industry would also change. The benefits provided by mobile gaming are two fold both from the consumer and provider standpoint. These include convenience, accessibility, instant betting options, consumer experience, branding and lastly monetary.

With such an explosion of mobile gambling into the iGaming industry, it is obvious that betting on your own smartphone is so much easier to do than waiting to get home in order to place bets on your desktop. The growing preference of players for in-play sporting events, which require a series of bets to take place in a short period of time. With results that are delivered instantly and brief intervals of time between bets, live sporting events are strongly supported and endorsed by the latest advances in mobile technology. Player having immediate access to betting options means new gaming experiences conveyed by live sports and live casino environments allow the possibility to have access to their favourite game and obtain instant satisfaction from their betting sessions. User experience will see continuous development of competitive features and more marketing incentives brought to mobile, in order to provide a smoother, more interactive experience to users and keep up with the latest trends.

Increased focus on mobile branding by developers helping to maximizing each user has been an important step into this space. The congestion of new mobile games hitting the app store every day, we’ll see fewer games come out per publisher; instead, the focus will be on expandable and upgradable mobile games. To help the process of acquiring new users, we’ll also see an increase in celebrity endorsed simulator games like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood & Diner Dash, and the recently announced Taylor Swift mobile gaming experience. These games not only bring powerful existing brands to the table, but have an easy initial target for advertising through social media channels where fans of these celebrities reach the multi-millions.

From a financial point of view, mobile gamers spend more money than traditional desktop players. Since there are more and more people that use mobile devices, it is easier than ever for players to access online gambling options through their mobile devices, and it is normal to see mobile gamers converting faster than traditional casino players.

Online gambling operators are now taking advantage of the golden opportunity hidden in the recent mobile connectivity explosion – 80 per cent of adults now own a smartphone and most people keep their smartphones turned on and nearby constantly, so the monetisation potential is higher than ever.

Mobile gambling is expected to grow at double-digit rates and to reach over 40 per cent of the total online gambling market by 2018, as the number of mobile gambling users increases by a hundred million. In 2015, 40 per cent of mobile users had mobile apps to place bets and, by 2018, the mobile gambling industry is expected to be worth $100bn.

In short, here at Pocket App, we are big believers that mobile gambling is here to stay. The ball is rolling and we expect to see a flood of increasingly sophisticated offerings making a mark on every mobile development in industry over the next few years, including online gambling. So position yourself comfortably in your armchair, put on your headset and pick out your sharpest virtual suit. The mobile gambling is open, are you ready to be dealt in?